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How SEO Grew My Sleep Consulting Business

Launching a new business is always an exciting venture, but capturing the attention of your target audience in a crowded online landscape can be a challenging task.

When I launched Early Sleep Consulting, my infant sleep coaching business, I faced the same challenge. I needed a strategy to reach sleep-deprived parents and establish industry authority.

And so I became my own SEO client…

The Foundation

SEO & Content Marketing Approach

Keyword Research

I began with thorough keyword research to pinpoint the keywords parents were using to find sleep consulting services. This informed my content strategy and website optimisation.

Content Creation

I focused on creating informative, engaging, and SEO-friendly content to address infant sleep problems. It included blog posts, articles, and downloadable resources like sleep guides and ebooks.

Website Optimisation

I made sure my website’s technical SEO was sound to provide a great user experience and make it easier for search engines to understand my content.

The Results

Page #1 Keywords
New Clients Per Month
% Avg Email Opening Rate

My SEO and copywriting efforts paid off remarkably. Within just six months, I achieved:

  • Increased website traffic growth from nothing to over 1,000 unique sessions per month
  • Achieved top Google rankings for several key infant sleep consulting search terms
  • Generated over 30 qualified leads in six months, resulting in minimum 5 new clients per month
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